About Us

Our Philosophy

Having been long-time collectors of historical documents, we know the importance of document preservation. Without proper conservation of documents that are already 100 to 200 years old or more, they will disappear forever. If that happens on our watch, then we’ve lost the opportunity to appreciate them, as well as our investment. Once they’re gone, they can’t be replaced. Whatever remains in the marketplace is fast disappearing into museums, libraries, private and historical society collections; not to be on the market again in our lifetimes, if ever. That is why as historical document dealers we make the conscious choice of housing our offerings in specially-constructed frames that conform to Library of Congress Conservation Standards. This, of course, adds to our cost, but in the long-run will enable the owner to proudly display their document for a lifetime, and allow it to continue to appreciate in value as well. We constantly check the historical document market to make sure we keep our prices competitive. Even with the cost of our frames built in, we believe we’ve achieved that goal. With us you are not buying a document where you will have the risk of continued mishandling; nor will you have to try to find a framer who can perform a proper archival framing service at an affordable price. Your purchase is ready to hang on your wall.

Our Guarantee

At Your Piece of History our clients’ satisfaction is our primary concern. We buy our items from highly reputable sources. Documents, manuscripts and paper items are framed to Library of Congress preservation standards. Artifacts are maintained in displays of similar quality. We guarantee that each of our items is authentic as described. To assure your satisfaction Your Piece of History will do the following:

  1. If your item arrives with damage from shipping, return it and we will repair the damage or replace the item with a comparable item subject to your approval, and reimburse shipping costs. All items are insured when we ship to you. If you need to return your item due to damage, you must contact us first in order to arrange for shipping and insurance.
  2. During the first 30 days after you receive your item, we offer a full refund, less shipping costs, no questions asked as long as the item is returned to us in the same condition as received, with the sales receipt.
  3. Should you want to return your item from 31 through 90 days after you receive it, we will provide a credit for the full sale price of your item, less shipping costs, against any item in our inventory of equal or greater value.
  4. All of our items are guaranteed to be authentic as described. Your Piece of History will refund your money if you return the item, along with the original sales slip and a letter from an independent third party authentication service, stating that the item is not authentic. If you have questions about the authenticity of an item, please contact us so that we may mutually agree on a qualified third party service. If the item proves to not be authentic, we will reimburse the authentication fee to a maximum of $100. Because we obtain our merchandise from highly reliable sources, we will not reimburse fees if the item proves to be authentic.

The above paragraphs describe your sole remedy. Any implied warranty including that of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose is hereby limited in duration to the appropriate period set forth above. In no event shall Your Piece of History be liable for any consequential or incidental damages attributed to your purchase.