West of Rainbow’s End Vintage Movie Poster

In this 1938 vintage Tim McCoy Western, Retired railroad detective Jim Hart (McCoy) is called back into action after his foster father "Lightnin' Ed" is killed during a hunt for a gang of train bandits led by Jake Johnson. Arriving in town to investigate, Hart learns from cafe owner, Joan Carter, that her family is being pressured into selling off their property as part of an ambitious land swindle. Suspecting a link between Ed's murder and the troubles at the Carter ranch, the detective zeroes in on Johnson and his gang as they, in turn, plot to end Hart's meddling with a bullet. West of Rainbow's End marked cowboy star Tim McCoy's return to the screen following his 1937 tour for Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus (McCoy's own ill-fated Wild West tent show premiered shortly after the film's release). Produced for the Monogram Pictures studio, this taut shoot-'em-up boasts impressive gunplay and such colorful six-gun dialogue as "There ain't room in this town for both of us! So git goin' and keep goin'!"
 What's interesting to note in the movie’s script, is Tim's habit of always chewing gum before he goes into action; an idea later "picked up" by Jess Bowers  when she wrote the Rough Riders scripts in '41-'42. Of course, in the Rough Riders pictures its Buck Jones, not McCoy, who always chews gum before the fight starts. This impressive looking stone litho vintage poster with its sunset hues and handsome portrait of McCoy and his horse is one of only a handful known, as most were destroyed by the studios and paper drives of WWII.