Authentic Vigilantes of Dodge City vintage movie poster – 1944

The Western was a Golden Age B movie staple, with the early ones often part of series in which the star repeatedly played the same character. From 1944-1947, Republic released twenty three Red Ryder B westerns.  The Republic RR yarns are recognized as representing Republic at the peak of their western film-making efforts. This early "Red Ryder" entry stars Gordon "Wild Bill" Elliot as Ryder. The heroine is having troubles with her freight company. Time and again, her coaches are beset by hooded thieves. With Red Ryder on the job, the robbers haven't got a chance, but they put up a fight anyway. Featured in the cast is series stalwart Bobby Blake as Little Beaver ("You betchum, Red Ryder). Director Wallace Grissell maintains his usual standard of nonstop action. From one of the finest Western memorabilia collections, this extremely rare poster is likely in the most outstanding condition of the few remaining specimens known. This particular poster is distinguished from others of this period because it uses a vintage color litho process that results in the extraordinarily vivid colors and sharp graphics that we see. Linen backed in a glass archival frame to enhance viewing enjoyment and protection.